ProsperWorks Reporting Suite delivers actionable business insights from your customer data. Different types of reports such as Pipeline Reports, Sales Reports, and Activity Reports enable you to track and improve sales performance, identify critical business issues and make better decisions so you can optimize your sales processes.

Pipeline Reports

  • Pipeline Reports show your open and active opportunities.
  • Pipeline Summary Reports and Pipeline Projection Reports allow you to see an overview of your Pipelines. This can be used to project the value of your future and current opportunities.
  • Pipeline By Owner and By Source reports helps you identify how your opportunities are performing by owner or by source. For example if referrals bring the highest performing opportunities, then you may consider investing more in this area.

Sales Reports

  • Sales Reports provide a summary of closed (won, lost or abandoned) opportunities.
  • Sales Forecast Report and Sales History Report pull in your past, present and future sales values. Compare and analyze and predict your business performance overtime.
  • Sales By Owner, Source, and Loss Reasons Reports provide you powerful insights into what are driving or slowing sales.

Activity Reports

Activity Reports provide a granular view of your business through your default and custom activities. Identify your top sales drivers and start monitoring your sales activities.

Activity By User Report allows you to see your team's activities by users. By default, the Activity By User Report will display completed activities by each team member for the default date range of approximately a month leading up to the current date. You can filter them by date range, and specific activity types (Emails, Phone Calls, Meetings, Calendar Events), and by specific users.


Custom Report Builder

ProsperWorks CRM Custom Report Builder gives you greater access and ability to leverage your data.

The Custom Report Builder allows you to export any data set from ProsperWorks directly to Google Sheets to create any report or dashboard that you need to manage your business. You can then create charts, graphs, and reports collaboratively on your desktop or mobile device.