Making a move to Google Cloud technologies is often described as a ‘Migration’. At White Stratus, we believe the move to Google is better described as a Transformation. It is an ongoing journey, that, if executed well can lead to significant benefits over an extended period of time.

ROI Analysis

Assess impact to cashflow over a multi-year period using a proven ROI diagnostic model

The first step in moving your IT platform into the Google Cloud is a strategic one. The investment required is not insignificant from a…

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Use Case Workshops

The seven key areas of leverage within the Google Cloud that White Stratus Targets

The transformation opportunity for leveraging the Google Cloud goes well beyond the hard business case represented by hardware and soft…

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Prototyping & Concept

Collaborate with Leading Experts to Develop a Bullet-proof Concept and Design for Your Next Business Solution

The Google Cloud includes technologies that can be used for rapid development of lightweight prototypes and proof of concepts. These te…

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