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Case Studies
Sealed Air

Sealed Air implements Employee Purchase Order System in the Google Cloud

Industry                     Service

      Retail                                              Mobile Application

Region                        Company size

      Americas                                         10.000-50.0000

Business Description: SealedAir Corporation is a leading global provider of cleaning and hygiene solutions to the institutional marketplace with more than 30,000 employees worldwide.

Challenge: Sealed Air was using an on-premise Purchase Order application, built on a legacy Lotus Notes platform. The application was expensive to maintain, lacked required functionality and was nearing end of life. After already completing a successful move to Google Apps, Sealed Air made the decision to use a Google-centric solution for a new purchase order tool.

Approach: Given the requirements around compatibility with the cloud based Google Apps platform and the large component of workflow, White Stratus decided to use the RunMyProcess solution. RunMyProcess offers a cloud-based platform to design, build and run business processes applications in the cloud, using an intuitive drag and drop development environment and minimal coding. RunMyProcess is also tightly integrated into the Google Apps environment, offering over 400 interfaces to Google API’s. The first step was a migration to translate the existing Lotus Notes based business processes to the RunMyProcess platform. Bringing the existing models over as they were, would allow for smooth transition to a more user friendly, yet familiar platform. The second step was to enhance workflow and improve upon existing procedures. At this point, White Stratus added new features such as email notifications, and integration with other systems.

Results: By successfully completing the rebuild of client’s PO tool on a Google Apps / RunMyProcess platform, White Stratus created a lightweight, low cost solution to Sealed Air’s processing challenge, in under 12 weeks of effort.

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