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Ten Best Practices For Google Apps Script


Google Apps for Business comprises multiple products such as Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and Sites, and gives enterprises a wide range of functionality in the cloud. But these services don’t meet the needs of all organization - at least not out of the box.   To extend the standard functionality of Google Apps products, Google offers Apps Script - a basic scripting language modelled on JavaScript ..

With Apps Script you can easily:

  • add custom menus, dialogs, and sidebars to Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms (Add-ons)
  • write custom functions for Google Sheets
  • publish web apps — either standalone or embedded in Google Sites (Gadgets)
  • interact with other Google services, including AdSense, Analytics, Calendar, Drive, Finance, Gmail, and Maps

You can see more examples in the Google Developers Showcase (https://developers.google.com/showcase/).

Here at White Stratus, we help our clients tap the power of Google Apps by extending functionality with Google Apps Script.  Some examples from our own client base of using Apps Script to drive productivity and save time include:

  • Automatically creating structured team collaboration environments
  • Converting data sheets into a column of JSON objects for other applications to consume
  • Creating common Drive folders and document template files

As with all components of the Apps platform, there is nothing to install. Google provides the code editor in the browser, and your scripts run on Google Apps cloud infrastructure.

Although Apps Script is easy to pick up and code, it does have some (significant!) limitations. Making mistakes up front can lead to poorly performing code,  headaches and sleepless nights.

To save you some time, and help you avoid these frustrations, we have shared a list of 10 watch points to keep in mind when developing Enterprise Applications on Google Apps Script.


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