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Case Studies

Burberry Deploys Google Mail to 4000 retail associates in 19 countries

Industry                     Service

      Retail                                              Google Apps

Region                        Company size

      EU                                                   10.000-50.0000

Business Description: Our client is a British fashion house, distributing clothing and fashion accessories and licensing fragrances. The Firm is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index.

Challenge: The Firm operates retail outlets in 19 countries globally. Engaging with employees in these outlets was a significant challenge given global footprint of the brand. Legacy systems consisted of as few as one desktop PC per store, with a common store login used by up to 30 different employees. Employees were often ‘out of the loop’ on company communications, and with no way to engage customers through official channels, store employees were starting to send messages from their personal accounts, risking Brand Value and also compromising IT security. A low-cost solution was needed to deploy an enterprise-class communication and collaboration platform to the firm's stores.

Solution: White Stratus was engaged to deploy Google Apps to stores in 19 countries. A phased roll-out starting with Core-IT, followed by Early Adopters and then finally 6 sequential Go-Lives region by region was executed. There were a number of custom requirements that were not natively supported by Google Apps and these were implemented as App Engine applications.

Benefits: Retail associates now have, for the first time ever, access to tools that allow them to communicate across stores and between stores and headquarters. The quality of customer-facing communications has improved and levels of employee engagement has risen as well

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