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Case Studies
Trugreen Landcare

Trugreen Landcare Harnesses the power of Google Cloud and Maps

Industry                     Service

      Services                                      Mobile Application

Region                        Company size

      Americas                                               5.000-10.000

Business Description: Trugreen Landcare is a major commercial landscape and lawn services company in the US. The company has 5000 employees with 63 brand locations in over 17 states.

The Challenge: Trugreen delivers high quality services to its clients. In order to maintain this quality level, the ability to review and audit the work of employees in the field is critical. Onsite review To provide company with real-time information from field staff and allow them to virtually manage their daily workloads more efficiently

The Solution: White Stratus built out a mobile field audit application that allows Trugreen Audit employees to capture the results of their client work. Tablet devices equipped with camera’s capture field results and upload them to a cloud application in real time. Google cloud based forms allow auditors to complete performance based questionnaires, with captured information being uploaded to the cloud in realtime for review and analysis

Benefits: The first phase of the project has been a huge success with performance improvements seen across the board at Trugreen client sites. Trugreen and White Stratus are currently working on rolling out feature enhancements as well as the additional integration with the IT system.

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