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Case Studies
Summit Care

Summit Care Transforms with Google Apps

Industry                     Service

      Healthcare                                      Google Apps

Region                        Company size

      APAC                                               >10000

Business Description: Summit Care centers provide low to high level residential aged care, dementia-specific residential aged care and other aged care services. Summit Care is an organisation that has been providing quality residential aged care in the Australian market for more than 40 years.

The Challenge: Summit Care’s dedication to excellence of service and standards of care has been a major factor in the decision to move to Google Apps. Recognizing that legacy technology was an inhibitor in the company’s transformation plans, Peter Boyd, Summit Care CIO, assessed the options in the market and with the help of White Stratus, made the decision to move to Google Apps.

The Solution: The Deployment of Google Apps took 60 days and was a collaborative effort between Summit Care and Google Enterprise Partner, White Stratus. While the technical deployment involved the complete migration of mail, calendars and groups from Exchange, the change management activities involved a ‘Google Guides’ program, on-site training and go-live support.

Keeping in mind the challenging demographics of Summit Care’s staff, there was naturally concern around implementing this change. However, the combination of great communications, executive sponsorship, the Google Guides program, and well thought-out support for the Go-Live week produced an excellent result.

Benefits: Google has transformed the way the Summit Care team collaborate.

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