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White Stratus is a proven provider of tangible and measurable results due to our ability to provide authoritative solutions to a wide range of clients. The use of in-depth research and innovative problem solving strategies allows us to deploy state-of-the-art solutions, as shown in these informative White Papers.

Have you Gone Google?


A landmark study by White Stratus has shown that Google is making significant inroads into the enterprise software market – a market traditionally dominated by Microsoft. The study, which polled over 2000 enterprises in the US with more than 250 employees found that on average almost 1 in 5 of them were now running the cloud-based Google Apps solution in their organizations.

The study also assesses:

  • Google Apps penetration by industry type
  • Google Apps penetration by size of organization
  • Google Apps deployment profiles (types of products deployed)
  • Google Apps usage styles (pilot, enterprise-wide rollout)

This study suggests that Google has a toehold in a large share of the enterprise market in the US, and is well positioned to expand its presence, at the expense of Microsoft, in the coming years.

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Ready to make the Transformation from SharePoint to Google Apps?


A study from White Stratus has shown that organizations are increasingly unable to exploit SharePoint to its full potential. Costs are too high, and operation is much too complex.

White Stratus knows that transforming Sharepoint platforms to Google Apps is a priority for many organizations, but the challenge is making this happen.

Through the use of a structured and proven approach and the right level of expertise White Stratus offers a solution.

The Whitepaper will assess:

  • The History of the SharePoint tool
  • Avoiding the “Functionality Fallacy”
  • Transforming not migrating
  • Typical use cases
  • Value of the transformation
  • Transition using Enablers, Quick Wins and Strategic Capabilities
  • Starting your transformation

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