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Many PSOs embrace G Suite. For those organisations, VOSGY is a natural extension into PSA. VOGSY is all you need to run your services business from Quote to Cash.

But unlike existing products, VOGSY puts the professional at the centre of technology. VOGSY is your single source of engagement for anything you need to drive the desired outcomes for your clients and for your own business.

To Google users, VOGSY is instantly recognisable. And since VOGSY leverages a lot of what Google has already taken care of, we on-board in days rather than months.

VOGSY modules
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Key Benefits of Using VOGSY For All Roles Within a PSO

Benefits for Executives

  • Drive new business and quality of revenue
  • Lower overhead, better cost control
  • Engaged employees
  • Better decisions, faster action
  • Better business outcomes


Benefits for Finance and Operations

  • Improved cash flow and cost control
  • Efficient operations and optimal utilization
  • Bullet-proof financial reporting and forecasting
  • 360-degree business control




Benefits for Sales

  • Higher win rates and better margins
  • Aligned with delivery from start to finish
  • 24/7 customer health insight
  • Return business, shorter DSO


Benefits for Project Teams


  • On time, on budget projects
  • Better handoffs, better insights
  • Less hassle, more dazzle
  • More customer focus