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Google Apps Deployment

Google Apps Deployment

Out certified Google Apps Deployment specialist and Change Management experts will ensure the transformation of going Google is painless and productive for your users from day one

google apps deployment
White Stratus' certified Google Apps Deployment specialists and Cloud Platform experts offer decades of experience deploying complex technology solutions to enterprise customers. With offices everywhere from USA, United Kingdom and Tokyo to Sydney, our technology architects, data migration specialists and training and change management experts have worked hands-on with hundreds of thousands of enterprise users worldwide in making a successful migration to Google Apps for Business.

As a Google Apps Enterprise Premier Reseller, White Stratus can assist you through each stage of your move to Google Apps. We follow the Google Apps deployment methodology with additional services to make experience as simple as possible.
We can help you maximize the potential value of Google Apps and ensure every member of your organization is fully equipped for planning, migration and post-implementation support by:

• Working with your staff to build real world use cases;
• Assisting with business case development;
• Running the deployment in partnership with your internal team;
• Organizing important change management activities, such as internal communications, user and administrator training sessions and issue tracking and support protocols.

White Stratus can help you through every step along your journey to a new way of working in the Google enterprise cloud. Contact us for more information.

Our Google Apps Deployment Services

Google Apps for Business Setup and User Provisioning
Our proven deployment approach emphasizes optimal integration with internal systems and processes and ensures high user adoption rates.

Email and Data Migration
Our migration specialists offer comprehensive solutions for migrating legacy email and document archives to the Google platform with no disruption to the daily workflow.

Google Apps Training for Administrators and End-Users
Training and change management is often one of the most pivotal components of a Google Apps migration, and our global team of experts has a proven track record of executing innovative training programs tailored to the specific needs of our customers' users.

Google Apps Support
For post deployment support, look no further than our Google certified Customer Support Services program. Available globally on a 24 x 7 basis, we not only provide reactive support services but also proactive account management and tailored service management.

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