Are you considering a move to Office 365?

Are you considering a move to Office 365?

There are two main giants battling for your business - Microsoft’s Office 365 and Google’s G Suite. Here at White Stratus, our cloud consultants have extensive experience on both platforms. However, we’ve decided to throw all our weight behind the Google offering, for the simple reason, it offers the best value and is an undeniably the ‘true’ cloud-based solution that allows your team to get more done on any device at the same time whilst drastically reducing IT expenditure.


Here’s a quick run-through why you should strongly consider Google’s G Suite

  • Google offers 2 simple plans when compared to Microsoft’s complicated multi-tier and more expensive options
  • 85% of employees don’t make use the full feature set Microsoft Office provides - so why pay for features that are never used?
  • 95% of all users only use 5% of the functionality in Excel
  • You can view and edit Office files in G Suite without installing Office at all!
  • G Suite is entirely cross-platform friendly - even on low cost devices
  • The G Suite Business Plan provides a host of unparalleled features but crucially comes with unlimited storage capabilities at no extra cost
  • G Suite can replicate more than 90% of needed functionalities without 3rd party software
  • According to a recent Gartner summit, almost half (47%) of the respondents said that their organisation has subscribed to Office 365, but Office 365 is not yet fully deployed

The above is a mere snapshot of why you should adopt Google. We appreciate that most organisations already heavily rely on Microsoft so ‘change’ serves up fears. We’re here to address those fears and concerns to ensure your cloud migration delivers nothing but measurable change, increased collaboration and tangible RoI.

“Change is a positive thing; It allows an organisation to rethink the way they work, the way they collaborate. After all, why change if it is to do things in the same way?”

Why Go Google?

  • File storage: G Suite’s unlimited plan provides better value in terms of data storage
  • Scalability: You’ll be able to add unlimited users (the ‘Business’ plans by Office 365 have maximum limit of 300 users)
  • Collaboration: Google apps were built with a strong focus on collaboration
  • Usability: G Suite apps are easy-to-use and the loading time is also less in comparison to Office 365
  • Multi device: If your business uses various operating systems and devices, then Google is a better choice
  • Integration: Majority of third party apps offer native integration with G Suite, as Google has traditionally been developer-friendly

G Suite is a low-maintenance, lightweight but massively powerful productivity suite that requires companies to pay barely any thought to issues such as installation, maintenance and backup, a combination that appeals to many organisations that wish to liberate their staff and IT departments to go and innovate.

Some interesting key findings of a recent survey by Bettercloud

 SaaS Applications Make Employees More Successful: An overwhelming 91% of Google Apps users say SaaS applications help them succeed more than desktop alternatives. Office 365 users, on the other hand, are more attached to their desktop tools. Just 68% of Office 365 users find the SaaS applications make them more successful than their desktop alternatives.

Stark Difference in Time Spent Using SaaS Applications: Google Apps users say they spend 80% of technology-related productivity time working with SaaS applications. That’s 33% more time than their Office 365 counterparts.

Daily SaaS Applications Use Higher for Google Apps Users: On an average day, Google Apps users interact with five SaaS applications, while Office 365 users interact with three.

An overwhelming majority (91%) of Google Apps users feel SaaS applications give them the best shot at success. Comparatively, just 68% of Office 365 users say the same.

Google set the ‘cloud bar’

Google set the standards by which cloud applications are measured today. For example, Google was the first cloud provider to make a 99.9 percent SLA the expected norm. In addition, Google blazed the trail to prove that the browser could be used as a fully-functional client for common office applications such as word processing and spreadsheets. In short, Google demonstrated that users could depend on the cloud to get real work done.

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