Customer Success Services

Customer Success Services (CSS)

Google Customer Success Services (CSS)
We recognise that Google Apps Customers have a diverse set of needs, from keeping up to date with the frequent product changes that occur in the cloud and the relevance of these changes to their business, to leveraging more from their investment and achieving all the benefits that moving to the cloud brings, such as increased collaboration and improved business processes efficiencies. Furthermore, customers need to be sure that the support services they receive for Google Apps are as good or better than they are used to with their traditional in-house technologies. Our Customer Success Services (CSS) package is tailored to address these needs and more, including;

Proactive communication

Proactive Communication

Our team strives to keep you updated and informed about the latest Google product changes, roadmap updates and other information vital to your Google Apps service.
You’ll receive product communications, access to premium online communities and in-person events to help you best handle these product updates. Our dedicated Customer Success Manager works with you to make sure you have access to the right product information at the right time and, importantly, help you understand how it impacts your business.


Advise & consultancy

Advice and Consultancy

Our CSS team provide customised Advice and Consultancy along with best practices and outputs from our own research, to help make sure you get the most benefit possible from Google Apps. The White Stratus team will work with you to ensure you get the guidance you need to meet your business needs. Whether it's a "Google Groups" or "G+" deployment, we’ll help you to find ways to use Google Apps to improve business processes and make sure you use the most effective roll-out strategy and achieve increased user adoption. Our ongoing relationship with you allows us to develop a deep understanding of your business and identify optional services and solutions that will add value.


Application enhanced technical support

Application Enhanced Technical Support

Our CSS customers benefit from Google Apps support, anytime and anywhere, delivered through a dedicated global support team, 24x7, with prioritised response times and enterprise level SLAs.  With multiple contact channels, you’re able to raise incidents or ask questions quickly and easily.

We provide tailored Service Management, to provide assistance with complex issues, escalations and regular feedback on service performance.

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