ProsperWorks Tops Best CRM Software, According to G2 Crowd Summer 2016 Rankings


Back in May, was announce ProsperWorks was leading the customer satisfaction category on G2 Crowd. The world’s leading business software review platform just released their summer ’16 rankings, and officially crowned ProsperWorks as the #1 CRM for customer satisfaction!

As stated in their official press release, “G2 Crowd finds ProsperWorks CRM tops highest overall satisfaction ratings,” based on more than 7,120 reviews written by business professionals. Here’s a breakdown of the feedback (complete with G2 Crowd testimonials directly from our customers), illustrating how ProsperWorks came out on top.

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Contact Management at its Core…

Based on the press release issued by G2 Crowd, contact and account management were among our highest-rated features. ProsperWorks makes it easy to track all sales contacts, activities, and follow-up tasks all in one place that’s accessible from the web, Gmail, or your mobile phone.

“You will improve the way you work with this powerful tool. Very easy to use and intuitive – you don’t need any training,” Mariano V., Production Engineer (Read the full review on G2 Crowd).

“I have tried many CRM systems through the years – ProsperWorks is absolutely the best CRM I have tried and worked with. [It is] perfectly integrated with Gmail, and the feel, look and power are just awesome. The Android app is really nice to have on the phone. My CRM of choice by a mile,” Marino F., Business Software and CRM Specialist/Consultant (Read the full review on G2 Crowd).

…Layered with Multifunctional Capabilities

At the same time, ProsperWorks CRM goes beyond managing customer relations. From our zero-input platform to the newly-enhanced dashboard, ProsperWorks optimizes workflow and eliminates manual data entry, so our customers can spend more time growing their businesses.

“ProsperWorks has helped me attain a better Work/Life Balance – which is sometimes non-existent when you’re ramping up a new business. The Sales Pipeline is great to track all those Opportunities, and the Google integration saves hours upon hours of CRM-related data entry. The integration also suggests ‘potential leads’ by analyzing your email communications.” Executive Sponsor in Information Technology and Services (Read the full review on G2 Crowd).

“I have been solving organizational problems in my company, and [ProsperWorks has] improved the way we work. This tool helps more than one would think.” Izcoatl W., CEO at IMWEEKS (Read the full review on G2 Crowd).

“[ProsperWorks] cuts out 90% of the data entry you would normally need to do … All of our customer records and leads were on spreadsheets, and it was a disaster. ProsperWorks made the transition much easier.” Harry T., Development Coordinator at Palm Beach Tech Association (Read the full review on G2 Crowd).

The Google Advantage

It’s no secret that we’re the only recommended CRM by Google — Google is even one of our customers! Our deep integration with Google Apps is one of the main reasons customers choose Prosperworks, as it powers the sales data and insights that help teams sell more. We also make a huge effort for ProsperWorks to look and feel like an extension of customer’s existing Google Apps. This makes ProsperWorks easy to understand and reduces onboarding time from days to minutes.

“The integration between Google apps and this CRM is what sold me. It’s as though Google themselves designed and implemented a CRM tool to use,” Ted R., Owner at (read the full review on G2 Crowd).

“The full integration with the Google range of products [is what I like best]. It is seamless with email tracking. Their service is also great and they are willing to help us with questions whenever we have issues.” Becca E., Director of Client Partnerships at Glassnetic (read the full review on G2 Crowd).

ProsperWorks’ Dedicated Team

At the end of the day, our team’s primary objective is to ensure all customer expectations are met and that we are driving true value for our customers and their businesses. We were so happy to hear our own team was critical throughout the buying process for a variety of reasons.

“The sales and customer support folks made a difference in my decision. These guys were helpful and patient with all my questions and concerns. I evaluated several CRM’s and this one made the most sense for my company given what we were looking for,” Michael F., Marketing Project Manager (Read the full review on G2 Crowd).

“Talk to these guys if you’re considering CRM for small business. They’re not pushy on the sales end, and thus far have been very engaged and helpful with the implementation,” Bryan M., Owner/PV Systems Engineer at Lighthouse Solar (Read the full review on G2 Crowd).

The team at ProsperWorks is incredibly grateful for our valued customers taking the time to review us on G2 Crowd. We would not be able to improve our product without feedback, and we look forward to growing our base of satisfied customers while providing the best service possible.

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