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Hello, Copper


ProsperWorks is now Copper.

ProsperWorks was founded in 2014, they set out to disrupt the world of traditional CRM software. Instead of building yet another complicated customer database just for salespeople, they wanted a CRM that was built for the end-user first—fast to deploy, easy to use, and built directly into the productivity tools (namely G Suite) that we rely on each and every day.

They've grown to 12,000 customers in over 110 countries, realising that they needed a new identity that better reflected their vision of relationship management. The end-user experience of CRM hasn't evolved in decades, and wanted to re-energize everything about it, from its point of view, to it's look and feel, to the product itself.

They chose Copper.

At first glance, Copper is a timeless element and a precious metal, but there are other things we like about it:

Copper conducts energy, just as we facilitate the flow of information and experiences between every business relationship—customers, partners, teammates, and friends.
Copper has been a crucial part of currency for hundreds of years.
Copper is a simple but foundational building block of the world around us.
The same values that were built into ProsperWorks' DNA still live in Copper. Our product will continue to evolve with new features and functionality, but the look and feel will still be rooted in the Material Design principles that you know and love.

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